About Us


What We Do

Sitetility is a full-service web design company located in Los Angeles, CA. We focus on personal service and are dedicated to updating or creating the exact web presence you desire.

While we specialize in working with small businesses, we can meet the needs of any size project. We strive to bring valuable technical and design insight to your web needs.

We consider ourselves a social enterprise. We believe in the triple bottom line, meaning the community and environment are both equally important as our bottom line.

Being based in LA gives us a special approach and insight as a social enterprise. We exist in a community network of social activists, entrepreneurs, and missionaries and lay leaders all committed into bettering our community. We love our city and work in our neighborhoods in a number of ways.


  • We train community interns in web development and business skills. See the Design + Leadership Internships.
  • We work closely with the Metro Community Development Corporation in mentoring urban youth by providing internships, job and entrepreneurship training.

We love our community and we love helping people!

Our Partners include:


We love what Design Responsibly is doing. Check them out at designresponsibly.net.

"At Design Responsibly... We set out to build a network of creative professionals and business owners who share a genuine interest for meaningful, environmentally conscious and ethical projects, are honest with themselves and their customers".

Missionarc is a small network of community conscience businesses and organization. Missionarc’s purpose is to grow social awareness and positive social change within the local urban community.

Neema Consulting assists businesses in the development and implementation of their strategic charitable giving. Neema focuses and trains these companies on strategies for businesses to powerfully affect their bottom line through corporate responsibility. 

Metro CDC is a community development ministry in Compton, CA. Metro provides leadership development, mentoring and entrepreneurship training to create jobs and prepare young men and women for a better and brighter future.

The Troy of all Trades is a dynamic consulting firm for business and personal needs. The goal of the talented staff is to awaken and employ the dreams of those in education, entrepreneurship, entertainment & arts and everything else. They are deeply connected to the communities in Northern & Southern California, providing a dynamic variety of services at very affordable prices.

Unearth and Empower Communities is a 501 c3 non-profit organization creating opportunities to unearth potential and empower people one community at a time. They work alongside city residents, officials, organizations, and businesses to develop interdependent neighborhoods by training and empowering people to transform their communities.